ScienceReach: FAQ

Hands-on Biotechnology Courses for High School and College Students

Empowering the next generation of scientists in San Diego

Response to COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Spectra aim to conduct courses in an environment that is conducive and safe for the students and Spectra Bio Lab staff. All Spectra Bio Lab staff will be vaccinated, and class sizes will be limited to ensure social distancing. Staff and students will be required to utilize appropriate PPEs. In case courses need to be cancelled due to the pandemic, Spectra will either refund the registration fees in full (minus 3% credit card charges), or registered students can opt to transfer their registration to desired future classes.

Frequently Asked Questions about ScienceReach

1. What should I look for in the class? What should I expect to learn?

Students will learn about and understand many of the common techniques used in the biotechnology industry.

Students will learn molecular biology techniques, like:

      • DNA purification
      • Plasmid purification
      • Restriction digestion and mapping
      • Cloning
      • Protein expression
      • Protein purification
      • Protein characterization
      • Western Analysis

Examples of molecular biology equipment used:

      • Micropipets
      • Analytical Balance
      • Agarose gel electrophoresis
      • PCR
      • Spectrophotometry
      • SDS-PAGE
      • Chromatography

2. Are these paid internships?

  • No, these are NOT internship programs.
  • These are hands-on technical training courses conducted for an affordable fee.

3. Are all these techniques taught in one course?

No, due to the breadth and depth of these techniques, they are taught in multiple courses. Please see the course catalog for more details.

4. How long is each course and when are they conducted?

Currently, summer courses are offered as follows:

    • Courses are 3 weeks long.
    • Classes are held 3 days a week, for approximately 3 hours per class.

5. Who will conduct the courses?

Courses are taught by experienced pharmaceutical scientists.

6. How many students per course?

The maximum course size will be 4 students per class to allow for more personalized and effective training.

7. Where are the courses conducted?

All courses are conducted under scientist supervision at Spectra Bio labs. The lab is centrally located in Sorrento Valley, at the following address:

6331 Nancy Ridge Dr
San Diego, CA 92121

More contact information is available on the contact us page.

8. Where can I get more information?

Additional information is listed on the ScienceReach website:
For more questions, please call 858-518-1466.